Dan Shehan

Fine Art  Photography

"I shoot what I can't help but shoot"

About the photographer

Throughout Dan's life, photography became a hobby that was especially gratifying while capturing backpacking trips as a Boy Scout during his teen years.

Dan's involvement with photography evolved as his relationship and respect for nature’s grandeur became an inspiration. Whether he was on a beach, in the desert, up high in the mountains, or immersed on a city street, this passion has evolved into his current work. Now based in San Diego, CA, Dan is afforded many photo opportunities as he explores the streets, nearby mountains, and coastlines of this wonderful area.  His primary areas of interest include Architecture, Landscapes, and Urban Exploration.  Late 2016, his work explored the eras of Romanticism thru Impressionism where his interpretation applies to photography.  He is now producing medium format film images creating even more creative art.

His artistic ambition is: "Shoot how it feels, not what you see."  His hope is that you'll enjoy the perspective and point of view he brings to the images he pushes the button for.


2018     - April  - CityArt Gallery, San Francisco - "Urban Impressionism"

2017     - July thru Sept - Solo Show at Mildred Owen Concert Hall, Pacifica, CA

                                  - "Urban Impressionism" 

               - June - Las Lagunas Gallery, Laguna Beach, CA  Juried show "Monochrome"         

               - March  - Juried Exhibition - Artspan 2017 Art Bridge Live Auction 

              - January thru May - CityArt Gallery, San Francisco - "Urban Impressionism"

                               - SNAP show - ARC San Francisco

2016     - December  - CityArt Gallery, San Francisco - "Urban Impressionism"

             -  November  - UBe Gallery, Berkeley, CA  Nov 11 thru Jan 7

                                      Studio Gallery, San Francisco  Nov 11 thru Dec 23

             -  October  - San Francisco Open Studios as a member of Studio Nocturne.  Event held at Big Daddy's Antiques  Oct 22 thru Oct  24.

                                - Annual Members Exhibition for the Art Guild of Pacifica, held at Sanchez Art Center from Oct t thru Nov 13.

                                -  SF Open Studios Hub Exhibition at Triton Hotel, Oct 16 thru Dec 18

            - Aug           - 50/50 Show - "The Art in Architecture" - Sanchez Art Center, Pacifica, CA

                                - CityArt Gallery, San Francisco - "Golden Gate Bridge in B&W"

                                                                                        August Show Curator - 29 artists

                                - Arts for Aids Auction                                

           - Jul              - CityArt Gallery, San Francisco - "The Art in Architecture"

           -  Apr/May   - CityArt Gallery, San Francisco - "Architecture and Icons"

           - Jan             - ARC Gallery, San Francisco - Juried Exhibition - "IMPULSE"

                                - Through the Lens Winter Show, Parliament, Oakland, CA - "Architecture"

2015 - Dec             - CityArt Gallery, San Francisco - "Compulsion for the Golden Gate Bridge"

          - Nov             - CityArt Gallery, San Francisco - "Quieting the Noises"

          - Aug/Sep    - CityArt Gallery, San Francisco - "Rippled Reflections"

           - July           - CityArt Gallery, San Francisco - "At Water's Edge"

           - Feb            - ARC Gallery, San Francisco - Juried Exhibition - "IMPULSE"

                                - Gallery 136 1/2, Manchester, Connecticut - Juried Exhibition -                                                                "ELEMENTAL"

2014 - Sep            - Tessier Residence, San Francisco - “The City Within”

           - Jun           - Body Dao Studios, San Francisco  - “Impressions on Water”

           - Mar          - Body Dao Studios, San Francisco  - “Water on Metal”


2016 - July - Best Top Photographer's 2016 - Artists from around the world

2016 - April - Capture Mania Magazine, Issue no. 2    capturemania.com/magazine-2/

2016 - Jan -  Stark Magazine, no 43   stark.uberflip.com

2015 - Feb  - "ELEMENTAL - Earth  Air  Water  Fire"  Juried Exhibit Gallery 136 1/2

Photographs in this portfolio are copyrighted and owned by Dan Shehan Photography. Any reproduction, modification, transfer, or use of any of the content, for personal or commercial use, whether in whole or in part, without permission from the artist is strictly prohibited. All rights reserved

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